Hackett Eyewear

1979, Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings meet in Portobello Road, West London, both combing the market for good second-hand traditional British men’s clothing.


A business partnership is soon started with their own small stall in Portobello, selling the clothing after cleaning and repairs. Today Hackett’s new collections are available globally and are celebrated for their re-interpretation of British style for today’s gentleman as well as their quality. From bespoke tailoring to iconic sports garments, Hackett’s fineries are as at home at Sandringham, as they are at Silverstone.

The eyewear collection encompasses vintage inspired eyewear fashion of the past together with a constant focus on the latest materials and construction that combine Hackett’s expertise in bespoke tailoring signature touches. Hackett Bespoke Eyewear is handcrafted from the finest acetates and is meticulously tailored for fit. The bespoke ophthalmic collection fully embraces the classic aesthetic. Style concedes to timelessness, trends are not acknowledged. Here time slows down to collect, not recollect.


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