What’s more feminine and parisian than sunglasses!

 With a nod to the glamour and grunge of the 90s, the latest sunglass collection by Maje offers bold and feminine styles for the modern girl about town, ensuring this revival aesthetic needn’t stop at clothing.

Simple yet packing a punch, the retro inspired MJ7003 features an oversized flat lens mask and lightweight frame. Here the soft coloured lenses are of botanical inspiration and contrast the industrial feel of the metal structure with its top bar forming the brand’s signature ‘M’. The pearl-like semi-sphere detail in the temple adds the final contrast by connecting the flat metal with the glossy acetate end tips.

Standing out from the collection, MJ7007 works in a whirlwind of geometric patterns created by exclusive mirrored lenses that mimic dramatic eyeshadow palettes. There is an elegance in this off-round shape and a simplicity in the minimalistic rimwire construction that ensure the lenses catch the eye.