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We are thrilled to announce launch of Vivienne Westwood’s SUN22 international sunglass collection, designed and distributed by Mondottica Group.

Our first sunglasses collaboration with the iconic fashion company, the collection features bio-based acetate models with carefully considered packaging. Each style is packaged in a recycled by-product leather case, organic cotton bag, recycled polyester cloth and presented in a recycled and FSC certified paper box – all produced with 100% green energy.

Creative Director of Vivienne Westwood, Andreas Kronthaler, says:
‘Sunglasses should be the embodiment of personal theatre. They can make any look – they are an extension of your style. Of course they have a purpose, but they should be fun, playful, joyous.”

A truly dynamic and innovative range, the collection’s designs draw on sunglasses as theatre; going beyond form and function and an expression of individual style. Exaggerated proportion and asymmetry also play into the collection; inspired by Westwood’s iconic use of amplified form and silhouette, the collection experiments with classical shapes and prescribed dimensions.

Mondottica Group’s CEO, Tony Pessok, speaking on the launch of the collection:

“All the team at Mondottica are incredibly proud and excited by our collaboration with Vivienne Westwood. The rich heritage of the brand and progressive outlook provided our designers with a rich and innovative foundation to explore through eyewear. Looking back through archives we have re-interpreted some of the earliest known eyewear shapes and modernised them using innovative bio-acetate materials. We also looked to distort traditional proportions across the frames to present new eyewear icons. Throughout the collection, we have been committed to making considered choices in sourcing and delivering beautiful products that will stand the test of time in people’s eyewear wardrobes. We believe this is a collection that acknowledges the past and speaks to people in the present, by giving them what they need for the future”

The Vivienne Westwood Sun Collection is available globally from Vivienne Westwood boutiques in London and throughout the UK, Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and at

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