The All Seeing Eye

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As always, the Hackett Bespoke AW20 eyewear collection brings style and character to every wardrobe.

HEB265 is a stunning choice from the new range for instance. Its circular silhouette enhances the brand’s excellent craftsmanship by showcasing the complex engineering of the style when opening and closing its temples. Here the hinges serve as an adornment that is both functional and decorative. In addition to that, they feature a raised “H” logo on the metalwork. In stainless-steel yet superlight, the frame comes also in a rusty copper colouration paired with light tortoiseshell end tips resembling autumnal leaves.

Who says you do not have to look your best when working from home? With the new Hackett Bespoke AW20 optical eyewear range you’ll have all eyes on you at the next Zoom meeting.