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Cutting edge styles and classic shapes remixed, Pepe Jeans have sunglasses that complement far-reaching looks from all over the world.

In a trend leading oversized shape, PATTY PJ5151 is the style of choice of Greek model and influencer Evelyn Makry. As pictured above this styles reflective metal sheet flat lenses combined with authentic metal screws enhance its urban copper aesthetic. The frame is available now on #coolvibes

Translucent and frosted bon-bon colourations make JOSHUA PJ7323 irresistibly street-smart, giving the style a unisex appeal. A distinguished metal top bar over the bridge completes the frame with attention to the finer details.

Finally, matching tips give the ultimate retro-inspired beach-chic look for NEO PJ5156. Coming in a variety of hues ranging from vitamin yellow to candy pink framed by gold rims, it is fronted by a large double bridge for a relaxed look and feel. Seen below on Kwnstantina Triaridou this retro-inspired style is the perfect final accessory to many of her summer outfits.

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Featured styles: PATTY PJ5151, JOSHUA PJ7323 & NEO PJ5156

Featured Influencers + Photo Credits: @Evelynmakry & @Tri_Kwn