Our story

  • Mondottica UK Established

  • Strong UK growth recorded

  • Mondottica Asia Established in HK

  • Mondottica France Established


  • Mondottica USA Established

  • Further expansion in Russia and Italy


  • 3 new licenses are signed



  • Beautiful and Colourful New Additions

  • Growth Powers On


Arguably the most successful eyewear company to appear on the world stage in the past decade, Mondottica is a true world citizen. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the group was founded by a Canadian who runs the company with working shareholders from Britain, France and Hong Kong. From humble beginnings, the company now has offices and operations in Hong Kong, London, Paris, Oyonax, Mollange, Tokyo, Barcelona, Delhi, Moscow, New York and Sydney with distribution reach that spans all continents.

Our company’s motto – Eyewear Brand Partners – is also our mission statement and taken very seriously.To give each brand in our portfolio the respect and understanding necessary to create collections the brand is proud of, and to place these collections with retailers who are best suited to the brand. To our distribution and retail partners we offer exceptionally interesting brands, innovative high quality products, supported by service and programs that can best assure success. To our employees and associates, Mondottica strives to offer a company that is rewarding, creative and fun.


We design product from the drawing board up, starting with a blank canvas.  Working in detail with our brand partners we create beautiful eyewear that perfectly captures brand DNA resulting in a product that stands alone in both look and feel. Not only do we make truly original designs but we also create materials to match, working with our suppliers to create acetates, finishes and techniques unique to our brands.  Our product reach is global, our relevance local; meaning we make frames that perfectly resonate with each country, thus carving out and retaining our foothold in markets with highly different demands.


The product development team operates from London, Hong Kong, Canada, and France. Unencumbered by the limitations and needs of running its own factories, Mondottica has a broad horizon and its product management entrusts its styles to some of world’s finest production houses, in order that all products be maximised to their best potential. Our QA team ensures every millimetre of our product is made to the exacting standards our brands are renowned for. In the market, it is reassuring to know there is an eyewear brand partner like Mondottica, with a transparent agenda and an unwavering commitment to its customers’ success.


We have state of the art DC´s in Nottingham, Hong Kong and New York to service the Wrold. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver to any customer in the world, no matter how big or small. From local independent boutiques to the largest chains, we apply the same attention to detail as we do in all areas of our business. We currently serve over 80 countries from our worldwide offices and the list keeps on growing. To do this we constantly support our world-class logistics team with investment in the latest tech to ensure we keep ahead of the game. From our iPad ordering application to our automatic replenishment system, we offer flexibility and reliability to all our customers.